Fazoli's Location Closings: March 2017

Fazoli's has closed 1 retail locations since March 02, 2017, according to our data. Meanwhile, Fazoli's has opened 1 new retail locations in the same time frame. Is your Fazoli's one of them? The lists below show the recently closed Fazoli's stores along with the stores that have recently been opened.

Closed Fazoli's Locations

  1. Bristol, VA 24201, (3128 Lee Hwy)

Newly Open Fazoli's Locations

  1. Whitestown, IN 46075, (6378 Crane Drive)

Disclaimer: These lists are based on the difference in our data when it was refreshed on April 01, 2017 compared to the data we had on March 02, 2017. There is no guarantee that these locations opened or closed in this exact date range. The source of this data is our list of Fazoli's locations in the United States.