List of Port of Subs Locations in the United States

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Port of Subs is a franchise submarine sandwich shop located exclusively in the western United States and headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

It was founded in Sparks, Nevada under the name "Sub Shop" in 1972 by two brothers from New Jersey. John Larsen, a Public Accountant who had been advising the brothers, purchased the company in 1975 and renamed it Port of Subs after holding a community-wide contest for its new name. Between 1975 and 1985, ten more shops were established before Port of Subs became a franchise. The shop currently has more than 140 locations throughout the western United States. It can be found in Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

Port of Subs specializes in made-to-order sandwiches; the meats and cheeses are freshly sliced and the sandwiches are prepared as the customer looks on. They also offer a range of catering trays including sandwiches, salads, fruit, desserts, etc.

Source: Wikipedia

List of Port of Subs Locations in the United States