List of TGI Fridays Locations in the United States

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Complete list of TGI Fridays locations in the United States:

510 locations
Updated on 2017-05-06

Columns included:

  • Name
  • Phone (99.0% of locations)
  • Store Number
  • Street (100.0% of locations)
  • City
  • State
  • Zip (100.0% of locations)
  • Country
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Single Line Address
  • Sun Open (33.0% of locations)
  • Sun Close (33.0% of locations)
  • Mon Open (33.0% of locations)
  • Mon Close (33.0% of locations)
  • Tue Open (33.0% of locations)
  • Tue Close (33.0% of locations)
  • Wed Open (33.0% of locations)
  • Wed Close (33.0% of locations)
  • Thu Open (32.0% of locations)
  • Thu Close (32.0% of locations)
  • Fri Open (33.0% of locations)
  • Fri Close (33.0% of locations)
  • Sat Open (33.0% of locations)
  • Sat Close (33.0% of locations)
  • Facebook Page Link
  • Fan Count
  • Overall Star Rating
  • Rating Count

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List of TGI Fridays Locations in the United States