List of The Little Gym Locations in the United States

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Complete list of The Little Gym locations in the United States:

163 locations
Updated on 2017-04-01

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The Little Gym International is a franchiser of infant and child oriented fitness gyms, following the guidelines set out by USA Gymnastics. It offers classes in gymnastics, dance, karate, and Kindermusic. It was founded in 1976, by educator Robin Wes.

Today, The Little Gym International is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was incorporated in 1992 to franchise The Little Gym concept. It currently operates over 300 franchises in 29 countries throughout the world. The Little Gym offers Parent-Child classes for toddlers aged between 4 months and 3 years, developmental gymnastics for pre-K children aged between 3 years and 5 years, and Grade school children aged between 6 years and 12 years, Karate, Sports Skills Development, and Dance. The Little Gym also offers birthday parties, camps, and Parents' Survival Nights, where the parents can drop their toilet-trained kids off for two hours at the gym for fun activities.

The Little Gym uses music that is both produced and performed by The Little Gym employees.

The Little Gym follows a philosophy in all of its classes referred to as "Three Dimensional Learning". They are: Get Moving, Brain Boost, and Citizen Kid.

Get Moving: Physical activities to burn that boundless energy, plus build flexibility and strength, develop balance and coordination, and encourage agility, rhythm and overall fitness to launch a lifetime of healthy habits.

Brain Boost: Designed to expand the mind and develop a love of learning, these exercises foster listening skills, sustained concentration and decision-making, prepare for or reinforce school lessons, and nurture problem-solving ability and creative expression.

Citizen Kid: These activities teach life skills like sharing, working in a group, listening and leadership—all skills that translate to a well-adjusted, well-rounded superkid.

Each The Little Gym program is broken into themed, multi-week Learning Units that lead to a natural progression of skills throughout the Core Season, into the Summer Session and from one year to the next.

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List of The Little Gym Locations in the United States